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Unveiling the DJI Zenmuse H30 Series: Revolutionizing Imaging with Advanced Capabilities

Unveiling the DJI Zenmuse H30 Series: Revolutionizing Imaging with Advanced Capabilities

Unveiling the DJI Zenmuse H30 Series: Revolutionizing Imaging with Advanced Capabilities

DJI, the world leader in commercial drone technology, has recently launched the Zenmuse H30 series, which includes the H30 and H30T models. This new series sets a high standard for aerial imaging technology, featuring enhanced functionalities that cater to various sectors including public safety, energy inspection, and forestry.

DJI Zenmuse H30 Series: A Closer Look at the Specs

The Zenmuse H30 series boasts significant advancements over its predecessor, the H20 series, enhancing every aspect of aerial imaging technology:

• Camera Type: Multi-sensor payload

• Rating: IP54, weather-resistant

• Camera Models: H30 and H30T

• Key Features:

• Visual Zoom: Up to 34x optical zoom and 400x digital zoom

• Sensor: 1/1.8-inch CMOS with 40MP

• Laser Rangefinder Distance: Up to 3000 meters

• Thermal Resolution (H30T only): 1280 x 1024 pixels

Detailed Description of Features

1. Enhanced Optical Capabilities

A potent 1/1.8-inch CMOS sensor on the H30 model can take 40MP photos, so every detail is bright and sharp. Unmatched detail is available from a distance thanks to the integrated zoom capabilities, which enable up to 34x optical zoom and 400x digital zoom.


2. Advanced Night Vision

An NIR Auxiliary Light included into the Night Scene Mode on both the H30 and H30T versions lights up to 100 meters. Excellent visibility without disturbing the surrounding area makes this mode perfect for nocturnal inspections or law enforcement activities.


3. Robust Thermal Imaging (H30T)

With three separate modes—Live View, High-Gain, and Low-Gain—the H30T model improves its capabilities. This makes accurate temperature measurements possible as well as flexible use in many settings.


4. Smart Features for Enhanced Operations

The series is equipped with various intelligent features aimed to streamline operations:

• AI Spot Check: Precisely records moving targets automatically.

• Smart Track: Maintains the centre of the frame for moving objects.

• Electronic Dehazing: Increases visibility under bad weather.

Table: Zenmuse H30 Series Specifications





1/1.8″ CMOS, 40MP

1/1.8″ CMOS, 40MP + Thermal


34x Optical, 400x Digital

34x Optical, 400x Digital

Laser Rangefinder

Up to 3000m

Up to 3000m

Thermal Resolution


1280 x 1024

Weather Resistance



Special Features

Night Vision, AI Spot Check

Night Vision, AI Spot Check, Thermal Imaging

Summary: A New Era of Drone Imaging

The DJI Zenmuse H30 series represents a leap forward in drone-based imaging technology. With its robust design, advanced camera systems, and smart operational features, the H30 series is well-suited to a variety of industrial applications. Whether you are conducting detailed inspections or overseeing public safety operations, the H30 series provides the tools necessary to obtain high-quality, reliable data.

Aerosmart is an authorized seller for DJI Enterprise drones and accessories. For more information or to purchase the DJI Zenmuse H30 or H30T, please contact us at Elevate your operational capabilities with the Zenmuse H30 series and experience imaging like never before.


Unveiling the DJI Zenmuse H30 Series: Revolutionizing Imaging with Advanced Capabilities

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