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DJI FPV Fly More Combo (Mode 1)

DJI has redefined the drones racing industry with the new digital DJI FPV Fly More Combo system. It offers lower latency speeds within 28 ms, a maximum transmission range of 4 km, outstanding HD 720p/120fps resolution and, most importantly, an unforgettable FPV flight experience. Explore the DJI FPV Fly More Combo today.



Reimagine Your FPV World with DJI FPV Fly More Combo

The DJI FPV Fly More Combo system has been designed for recreational and professional piloting of competition drones. It consists of an air unit, a camera, a viewer and a remote control, all equipped with the powerful DJI FPV features and specifically developed to support the low latency DJI FPV HD transmission system. With faster latency and extraordinary resolution, DJI has redefined the world of drone racing and, more importantly, made a first-person experience so far only imagined.



A new era for FPV races

The new digital DJI FPV Fly More Combo system is equipped with DJI FPV HD transmission technology (DJI FPV HD with low latency), to give you a first-person experience that you have never experienced before. Take advantage of a smoother flight thanks to latency of less than 28 ms, and display ultra-clear images throughout the race. To have an immersive FPV experience, the DJI FPV HD transmission technology is simply the top.

720p/120fps video transmission

The DJI FPV HD transmission technology offers smooth HD 720p/120fps image transmission, a latency below 28 ms and a transmission distance of up to 4 km.

Digital anti-interference transmission

The DJI FPV HD transmission technology uses a two-way communication system to stabilize the signal connection, guaranteeing pilots more flexibility in flight management, even in the most complex areas.

Low latency 28 ms

The DJI FPV HD transmission technology surpasses all other FPV systems, offering users a lowered latency of up to 28 ms and an extraordinary view in HD.

Easier and smarter FPV races

Presenting a highly integrated video transmission solution, the DJI FPV digital system is equipped with exceptional components and high performance accessories, eliminating the inconvenience for pilots of having to purchase each module separately. The integrated receiver and the practical flight control system are easily assembled. Each component is already programmed and ready to use immediately after activation, saving the connection information with the other modules so as not to have to reconfigure the connection with each use.

DJI accessories recommended for drone races:

DJI FPV Goggles

Extraordinary HD images

The DJI FPV Goggles viewer uses a DJI FPV HD transmission that offers an extraordinary display of high definition images on both screens, for an experience never experienced before. Pilots can now enjoy superb image quality with a point-to-point latency lowered to 28 ms.

HD images

DJI FPV Goggles support and record 720p / 60fps images. This HD quality of the images is combined with a latency lowered to 28 ms, to offer pilots a clearer image display and more performance speed.

Instant playback

The videos recorded and saved on the microSD card can be reproduced instantly with the DJI FPV Goggles.

Shared view

Riders can share the camera view with other DJI FPV Goggles viewers set in Audience mode, so that viewers can experience the thrill of running.

Compatible with analogue transmission

The DJI FPV digital system can also be used with an analogue transmission, to offer pilots greater flexibility in operating choice.

Sharper images

In Focus mode, data flows into the center of the image in the event of a non-optimal signal, to continue to guarantee an always clear FPV experience.

Stable and clear video transmission

Many pilots rely on analogue for video signal transmission, but their flight experience remains limited due to low image resolution and high sensitivity to signal interference. On the other hand, the new digital solution proposed by DJI ensures a smoother flight experience thanks to an always stable video signal transmission.

Innovative design

The DJI FPV Goggles is designed to be light and comfortable to wear, and brings incredible features. The multi-antenna system, for example, guarantees extremely stable video image transmission. The two display screens and two practical channel adjustment buttons recreate an absolutely engaging first-person flight experience.

DJI FPV system
DJI FPV Aerial Unit

Aerial images at 1080p

Exclusive innovations such as the powerful transmission system, the remote control with integrated receiver and the multi-antenna system of the viewer, are the basis of the extraordinary performance of the DJI FPV air unit.

DJI FPV Camera

8 channels, 8 drones

The DJI FPV HD transmission system and the DJI FPV air unit offer the selection of eight frequency channels, which allows up to eight drones to be piloted simultaneously. Each operator has the exclusive use of a channel. This helps reduce interference between the various devices and offer an unprecedented race experience.

Aerial footage from 1080p

The DJI FPV air unit records video at 1080p / 60fps during flight, ensuring smooth and clear image transmission.

Remote control with integrated receiver

Pilots can connect the air unit and the remote control directly, without the use of additional receivers. This greatly reduces configuration time, so you can start flying immediately.

Multi-antenna system

The DJI FPV air unit is equipped with two antennas, both of which act as receivers and transmitters, ensuring a wider signal coverage for image transmission.

DJI FPV radio remote control

Integrated control

The DJI FPV radio remote control connects quickly to the DJI FPV air unit and the DJI FPV Goggles for an immediate take-off. The high capacity battery ensures prolonged use and an overall improved flight experience.

DJI FPV Smart Controller

Integrated system

The closed-loop control software of the DJI FPV radio remote control allows pilots to remotely set the parameters of the viewer, the air unit and the DJI FPV camera, increasing stabilization and reducing operational errors.

Improved user experience

With the adjustable joystick and ergonomic design to support it more comfortably, the DJI FPV radio remote control is simple to use and guarantees an immediate response to the controls, to fully experience the adrenaline of the race.

Latency lowered to 7 ms

The latency between the DJI FPV air unit and the DJI FPV radio remote control can go down to 7 ms, allowing pilots to send flight commands faster and perform more complicated maneuvers.

Control distance 4 km

With the drone in flight, the DJI FPV radio remote control can control the DJI FPV air unit up to 4 km, allowing pilots to fly farther.

DJI FPV camera

Dynamic footage

The DJI FPV camera has a 150 ° ultra-wide-angle lens, offering an extremely wide field of view. Pilots can choose between three shooting modes to overcome challenges in different scenarios, with the ability to adjust the brightness and saturation on the screen to display always vivid images.

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