Firefighting Drones

May 11, 2023
Firefighting Drones

Firefighters are quickly adopting next-generation aerial tools, ranging from multi-gas detectors to high-resolution thermal and visual cameras, enabling rapid and informed decisions when responding to volatile emergency situations. Firefighting drones help in the detection, containment, and extinguishing of fires.

Firefighting Drones Key Benefits

Urban Firefighting – Provide immediate aerial intelligence and guide optimal response to protect people and property

Forest Firefighting – Scan vast areas and quickly identify firelines, assess their threat, and optimize response

HazMat Operations – Rapidly and remotely identify threats while keeping response teams safe

Urban Firefighting

Traditional Challenges in Urban Fire Response

  • Arriving on scene, smoke, buildings, and obstacles can make it challenging to determine the scope of a fire and its threat
  • Limited ground perspectives on the fire can hinder the optimal deployment of attention and resources
  • In the aftermath of a fire disaster, it can be hazardous and costly to survey and document damage

How Drones Aid Urban Firefighting

  • Firefighting drones can fly over buildings and obstacles, and see through smoke with thermal cameras to help prioritize targets
  • Stream live video intelligence back to command centers to align teams and eliminate uncertainty
  • Leverage high-resolution cameras to remotely monitor remaining threats and document damage for future analysis

The use of UAVs limits exposure and reduces risk to pilots and wildland firefighters. Easily packable and able to fly in remote locations. These can fly as fast as 40 miles an hour. The drone pilots can operate the devices at varying speeds to help people better see what is happening. 

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